Monday, 30 May 2011

Anish Kapoor

Manchester City Art Gallery is now showing a Flashback of Kapoor's work. A variety of works exploring the different aspect's of Kapoor's work, from the small jelly mould like shapes smoothed in pigment to the wax and iron sculptures to the shiny shapes that reflect both sound and light. The 3D forms draw you in and keep you wondering what your really seeing. Is it a hole or a flat surface? It is very clever, as you move around each object you are shown something different and some of them hurt my eyes as it played with my optics and mind.  

Her Blood, 1998
Stainless steel and lacquer
Tate Modern, London

White Sand, Red Millet, Many Flowers, 1982
Wood, cement and pigment
Arts Council Collection, Southbank Centre, London

Anish Kapoor was born in Bombay (Mumbai) in 1954. He came to London to study art in 1973 and has lived there ever since. A winner of the Turner Prize in 1991. His works are scattered all over the world, from Nottingham to Chicago.

The exhibition is free and showing till 5th June 2011 so hurry down quickly.

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