Friday, 20 May 2011

Cannes Vintage Posters

Cannes, a world renowned celebration of films from across the globe. Here a films fate can be decide, sink or swim. Awards are given to films, directors, actors, and actresses for the merit of their hard work. The rich and famous turn up,in their droves to the French town to wander down the red carpets as the cameras flash and the images published in all the gossip columns, who was wearing what, who is with who.

Illustrated by Jean-Denis Maillart.

 Here are a some of the many vintage poster that have been used to advertise the Cannes Film Festival since 1946. 
Conception by Information and Strat├ęgie.

Illustrated by Folon

The international film festival was originally held in Venice in 1936 but got moved to France after a controversial judgement was made over awarding the overall winning film to "Olympia", commissioned by Joesph Goebbels, instead of the strongly favoured "La Grande Illusion" by Jean Renoir's. Which lead to resignations of judges. A campaign to the French government was made to start the festival in France. From much reluctance from the French government  Cannes was chosen for it's warm weather and charm. In 1939 the festival opened but closed the following night due to the out break of World War II.

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