Monday, 25 July 2011


Although a week has pasted since the event closed it's doors, I thought I'd let you know about a few events that you my have missed out on so you can look out for it next time or get to see them as they travel around the world. The 11 Rooms at Manchester City Gallery was a wonderful exhibition that made you nervous, happy, confused but most of all you would of loved it. A large hall was broken up into smaller rooms and in each a new experience was to be held. You could of been scared of a small girl who was as intense as any worse interview scenario, or feeling nervous when entering a room where a solider in full uniform staring stationary at a corner of the room with his back to you, at any moment I expected him to start shouting and moving quickly about, or entering a room where you where unable to stand still because you you are being pushed round a human revolving door, most hectic situation. Each person would of taken away something completely different and hopefully would of enjoyed it as much I did.

At the Whitworth Gallery the park came alive nightly with projections of faces and hands been shone on  trees, smoke and the outside of the gallery, by Tony Oursler. The chanting voices of the images drew you in as they swirled over the leaves and trunks of the trees, quite hypnotic. My favourite was a man banging his head on the side of tree trunk with the repetitive clunk each time his head met the outside of the trunk.

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