Friday, 17 February 2012

New York 2012/13

New York fashion show case for Autumn/Winter 12/13.

Panels, panels everywhere adding different colours, patterns and textures to what would of been a very simple piece into a well crafted one. Mainly a clean coloum silhouette showing off the perfect hour glass figure. Tailored, smart, pretty conservative overall. Hats as an accessories. Maybe the return of the trousers.

Diane Von-Furstenburg hand top is rather good.

 Along with her comers printed all over in a lovely shade of yellow.

Strong blocks of colour clashing together to make to wonderful pieces and a headache for pattern cutters and seamstress as they try to piece the puzzle together for all to marvel at BCBGMAXAZRIA.

Preen execute combining coloured and floral patterned panels very well, giving a the classic silhouette something to write home about.

This dress by Preen is also very cute, with the miss matched graphic prints and clever pattern cutting, which is off set against the rich royal blue. Don't go toppeling love in those huge platforms, ouch.

Ralph Lauren created a very strong country bumkinn look for his latest collection, that really stood out because it was so different from the rest. Tweed trousers, waistcoats and jackets, coats, wonderful coloured patterned knit wear, velvet suits, ties and silk blouses.

Hats, hats, I think that is what completes these very eccentric London, English look.

Marc Jacobs had a lot of fun with hats too, huge floppy hats that looks to be from some forgotten age, immersing the face. 

Texture and patterns in bulbous shapes encase the body to create a modern bohemian look. I'm sure Marc Jacobs had a lot of creative free spirit when creating this collection.

Jeremy Scott also had alot of fun when playing with all these bright, shinny fabrics I guess. To make a fun light hearted youthful collection.

Huge crimped hair dyed, all wonderfully crazy. This jacket is cracking, tuffty furit gums.

Acid, LSD and the 80's rave culture scream at you from this catwalk by Jeremy Scott.

This jacket by Rachel Corney has caught my eye, lovely cut, boxy, cropped selves, smooth long collar alittle dull but I'd love to have it.

Next stop London, can not wait.

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