Monday, 19 October 2009


ZIAD GHANEM is fab! i like his use of 3d sculputures within his garments and padded tubing to add more structure to his shapes. He is creative consultant for DRAMA magazine so we can see why they chose him!  I think Ziad is so successful because he combines streetwear with couture, something so over the top becomes high fashion. Some people may say its too theatrical but in my opinion you wear clothes to express your personality so everyday should be a performance! 

His shapes are inspiring, the couture and ready to wear collections are made from ethical materials, whats not to like about him!

Lovely exaggerated sleeves above, playing around with the proportion of the garment.

His recent colletion for Firetrap was shown at septembers london fashion week, for me personally i wouldnt have thought these pieces were firetrap!

see more amazing images of ziad ghanems work on his website!


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